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Muffins/ Quickbreads

Bomb Diggity* Banana Muffins

I’m not quite sure what makes these banana muffins so magical. I have a theory about the baking soda’s magical powers once dissolved in warm water, but I’m not sure if it’s scientifically sound! These muffins are a great use for ripe bananas and they go perfectly with a glass […]

Breakfast Food, Desserts

Lemon Curd

I was making a lemon meringue cake for Easter dinner and the recipe called for a jar of lemon curd. When I went to our local grocery store the 8 oz jar cost $5.00 and it looked a little on the neon side of yellow. The jar that looked tasty […]

Breakfast Food, Easter

Hot Cross Buns

With the arrival of Easter comes the arrival of Hot Cross Buns. A little research on the subject tells us that in Elizabethan England the sale of hot cross buns was allowed only on Christmas and Good Friday. Also, an interesting tidbit: apparently if you make your buns on Good […]

Breakfast Food, Muffins/ Quickbreads

Muffins on Monday

Our dear friends came for a visit a few weeks ago and one of their sons hadn’t been eating too much of what I’d been cooking. I had been planning on making blueberry muffins the next morning for breakfast, but I thought I would ask our young guest if he […]

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