Cookbook Reviews

Cookbook Reviews

Friday Reads: Butter Baked Goods

Since last week’s read didn’t have any sweets, I thought we’d have nothing but sweets this week! My good friend Trisha sent me this book because she thought I’d appreciate the Canadian-ness! Butter Baked Goods by Rosie Daykin is full of recipes from the Butter Bakery in Vancouver. I haven’t […]

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Learning from Lou

June Naylor (co-author), me and Lou Lambert You all know how much I love the Central Market cooking classes. Last week I had the opportunity to take a class from Lou Lambert of Lambert’s BBQ. Lou has just come out with a new book, Big Ranch Big City Cookbook. This […]

Cookbook Reviews

Cookbook Review: The Little House Cookbook

The Little House Cookbook by Barbara M. Walker We haven’t made any recipes from this book yet, but I read through it cover-to-cover this week and have marked more than a few to try. The book’s been around a long time (with the first edition out in 1979), but I […]

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