Recipe Makeover + A Giveaway

I’m so excited to be participating in the Recipe Makeover challenge this week! You guys know how much I love the sweet stuff, and the butter, and all the things not necessarily healthy, so this challenge was a great opportunity to see if I could make the things I love […]

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Fluffernutter Cheesecake

I promised you guys a recipe that would take you back to your childhood, and this is it, but a little bit grown up! I don’t think I’m the only one who used to love fluffernutter sandwiches when I was a kid. (If you never got to experience the joys […]

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Chocolate Cherry Thumbprint Cookies

Thanks to Imperial Sugar for helping with today’s recipe. Today I’m posting my first recipe for #Choctoberfest. I definitely think #Choctoberfest is a celebration that I can get behind. What’s not to love about dozens of bloggers getting together to celebrate their love of chocolate! I have a couple of […]


It’s #Choctoberfest + A Giveaway

I am so excited to be participating in #Choctoberfest this year (who needs beer and sausage?!)! I have some fun recipes to post including an amazing cheesecake that will take you back to your elementary school days. I hope you check back for the recipes and check out what the […]

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Mango me Crazy! (I got published!) + A Giveaway

Hey everyone, long time no see! My goal was to keep writing over here once a week when we started Handmade Mood, but that’s proven a little more difficult than I thought! Hopefully, I’m on my way to getting more organized, so that I can be over here more than […]

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