Cooking with Kids Week 4

Cooking Class Week 4 was all about snacks! The kids love to snack all through class, so I knew this class would be a successful one! We started with some flat bread crackers. I found this recipe through Smitten Kitchen. We make it at home pretty often, because it is […]


Cooking with Kids Week 3

I’m a little behind with the recipes from the cooking class. If I get on top of my game you might get two posts from me this week! For week 3 we prepared a dinner recipe. We began with breadsticks (which turned out more like crackers because I left the […]


Cooking with Kids Week 2

I’m having a great time with my little cooking class. The hardest part is getting everything gathered in the morning and trying to not forget anything. After the first week I realized how much the cooking class is about eating for the kids. They want to be tasting constantly. For […]


Mystery Monday

As part of my first grader’s homework last week, he had to make a recipe that they had made in class. So, look at the picture, and tell me, what do you think it is? If you guessed slime, you would be right! I know it’s not like the recipes […]


Cooking with Kids

*Cleaning up the dishes. I belonged to a homeschooling group when we lived in Everett a few years ago. I’m still connected to the group on Facebook, so when they were looking for teachers and class ideas for a Fall co-op I jumped at the chance to teach a cooking […]

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Meatloaf Wellington

Is it weird that I was totally inspired by Jerry O’Connell for today’s post?  I was watching Kelly (I really want to say Regis and Kelly, but she’s moved on!), and her co-host for the day was Jerry O’Connell. He was talking about a dish that his mother-in-law makes with […]

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