Valentine’s DAy

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A Little Pie Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! For the first time since we’ve had kids, we’re going out for a Valentine’s Date! I’m excited at the prospect of dressing up for a fun dinner out, and I’m really excited about not having to plan anything at at all. We don’t do Valentine’s Day […]

Valentine's DAy

Valentine’s Recap

I don’t think Doug and I have gone out for a romantic Valentine’s date since we had our first child. It’s always just been much nicer, and really, more romantic to stay home and have a quiet dinner after the kids go to bed. I’d rather go on a date […]

Valentine's DAy

Cinnamon Apples

Whenever we make a trip to Louisiana to visit my husband’s grandparents we enjoy these wonderful apples at breakfast. The first time I saw them I had no idea what they were. When I made them, my son though they were watermelon pieces! If you’re not expecting it, the cinnamon […]

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Homemade Oreos for Valentine’s

I have seen this recipe lots of places, but while I was out blog stalking the other day I saw it used for the first time with something other than chocolate cake mix. I thought these would be a super cute Valentine’s treat. The only problem here, is that I […]

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