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What I’m Loving: Netflix

I’ve been on a little bit of a purging kick lately. I’ve sold stuff on eBay and taken many many bags to the Salvation Army in an attempt to get rid of the clutter in my house. So, I thought today I’d talk about something I love that doesn’t introduce […]

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What I’m Loving: Easter Candy

I had something completely different prepared to share with you today, but then I started to think about what I’m really loving right now, and if I’m honest (and I am), the thing I’m really loving is all the Easter candy! This is obviously a little ironic considering yesterday’s post […]

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What I’m Loving Wednesday: 12/7/16

  Thanks to Uncommon Goods for helping with today’s post. I’m going to start a new series called, What I’m Loving Wednesdays. Sometimes I put together lists of things I’d like, but haven’t tried, but this is stuff that I like and use. I love recommending things when I find […]

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