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Strawberry Summer Caprese


  Edited*** This is a little embarrassing, because I thought I came up with this genius idea, but it turns out Christina wrote a very similar post for FFWD five years ago! You can read about it here. I am clearly getting so old that I can’t remember posts!   […]

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Lemon Poppyseed Mini Donuts


  If you post a non-donut recipe on National Donut Day, does it even count?! Our house is pretty much donut crazy. One of the things our kids miss the most about San Antonio was our proximity to Krispy Kreme. Word on the street is that they’re building a Krispy […]

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Alaska One Year Anniversary


  Today marks one year since we arrived in Alaska. To say this year has flown by is an understatement. My kids think the time goes faster because the days are shorter, but I think we’re just trying to squeeze every ounce of adventure that we can out of this […]

Deal of The Week

29 Shopping Deals for Leap Day


  This week’s Deal of the Week is 29 deals at various shops.  If there’s something you’ve had your eye on, today is a great day to pick it up. What I’ve learned from going through a million and a half deals is that if you’re not sure if a […]

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