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In the Kitchen

Organising the Pantry


 Our dad has the pantry to beat all pantries. It’s a long narrow room off of his kitchen. There is a second oven and a second refrigerator. It is also lined on three sides with shelves. About half of my dad’s pantry is devoted to food and on the other […]

Cookbook Reviews

Cookbook Review: A Homemade Life


  A Homemade Life is a collection of essays and recipes written by Molly Wizenberg (this link takes you to her lovely blog, Orangette). This non-traditional cookbook reads like fiction – I couldn’t put it down. Each recipe is prefaced by an essay; the stories follow Molly chronologically through her […]


The Perfect Caesar Salad: Dressing it up


 Last night I did not feel like making dinner. I spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning out the chicken coop and our brooder house.  I was feeling like I deserved a night off from kitchen duties after all of my manual labor! But luckily, because I had already […]


The Perfect Caeasar Salad: Day One


 Homemade Croutons This week on Frankly Entertaining we’re going to spend the week crafting the perfect Caesar Salad. Today we bring you the first step – homemade croutons. I remember trying fresh-made croutons for the first time when I was working in a cold-prep catering kitchen during college. We coated […]

Mains, Slow Cooker

Pulled Pork Burrito, Enchilada Style


  Shh… don’t tell anyone, but when I moved to San Antonio from Salt Lake City, one of the things I missed the most was Cafe Rio’s Pulled Pork Burrito, Enchilada Style.  I know, I could get deported from Texas for preferring Utah Mexican to Texas Mexican! There’s just something […]

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