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Cheese Tortellini


 Last night I needed dinner in an instant. I have been trying the Quick Vegetarian Pleasures cookbook that Sarah recommended a few weeks ago for our dinners this week. And we have been loving it. I got a “you have outdone yourself” from my husband last night because he thought […]

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Fun in the Kitchen


  For Mother’s Day this year, my husband kids got me a fancy pasta maker. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I’ve been studying an Italian cookbook for the past three weeks, or maybe my husband was just tired of eating boxed noodles! I’m […]

In the Kitchen

Organising the Pantry


 Our dad has the pantry to beat all pantries. It’s a long narrow room off of his kitchen. There is a second oven and a second refrigerator. It is also lined on three sides with shelves. About half of my dad’s pantry is devoted to food and on the other […]

Cookbook Reviews

Cookbook Review: A Homemade Life


  A Homemade Life is a collection of essays and recipes written by Molly Wizenberg (this link takes you to her lovely blog, Orangette). This non-traditional cookbook reads like fiction – I couldn’t put it down. Each recipe is prefaced by an essay; the stories follow Molly chronologically through her […]


The Perfect Caesar Salad: Dressing it up


 Last night I did not feel like making dinner. I spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning out the chicken coop and our brooder house.  I was feeling like I deserved a night off from kitchen duties after all of my manual labor! But luckily, because I had already […]


The Perfect Caeasar Salad: Day One


 Homemade Croutons This week on Frankly Entertaining we’re going to spend the week crafting the perfect Caesar Salad. Today we bring you the first step – homemade croutons. I remember trying fresh-made croutons for the first time when I was working in a cold-prep catering kitchen during college. We coated […]

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Cookbook Review: Fix-It and Forget-It


  What week dedicated to slow cookers would be complete without a tribute to the mother of all slow cooker cookbooks?! The Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook has been my go to resource since I first bought my slow cooker as a newlywed back in 2002. (I don’t know what it […]

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