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The Perfect Caeasar Salad: Day One


 Homemade Croutons This week on Frankly Entertaining we’re going to spend the week crafting the perfect Caesar Salad. Today we bring you the first step – homemade croutons. I remember trying fresh-made croutons for the first time when I was working in a cold-prep catering kitchen during college. We coated […]

Giveaway, Real life

The Apron Guide + A Giveaway


  I’m sure you’ve often found yourself asking what is the appropriate apron for a particular scenario. Say, for instance your husband is bringing home his boss for an after dinner cocktail, how would you greet them at the door? What if you’re making your world famous red sauce? How […]

Mains, Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker Chicken Curry


  I love using the slow cooker in the middle of winter when I’m in the mood for something warm and cozy, but I also love the slow cooker when it starts getting warm out. I can make dinner in the morning while it’s still cool, and I can let […]

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