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Mushroom Risotto


  I don’t even think of this dish as vegetarian, but since it has no meat I guess it qualifies! I had never made risotto until I tried Taylor’s recipe a few years ago. I have never looked back. I think people get overwhelmed by the things they’ve heard about […]

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Smoothies 2 Ways


  If you have kids who don’t like to eat their fruits and veggies, chances are you’ve tried to give them smoothies. Who doesn’t love a good smoothie? Today we’re going to show you the way we each make smoothies for our families. Sarah’s Version: Now, I’m all for being […]


We Have a Winner!


 Thanks to everyone who entered our first ever giveaway. Congratulations to Kara, who I believe is an old co-worker from the veg prep days! Kara, just send us an e-mail with your mailing info, and we’ll get The Pioneer Woman to your house!

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Comfort Food


  When Christina and I first started talking about doing this blog, the idea was to convey how much we love what we do. Feeding my family is more than just providing meals. It’s nourishment in every sense of the word. We grew up in a family that was surrounded […]

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Lemon Curd


 I was making a lemon meringue cake for Easter dinner and the recipe called for a jar of lemon curd. When I went to our local grocery store the 8 oz jar cost $5.00 and it looked a little on the neon side of yellow. The jar that looked tasty […]

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